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Already as we speak a number of medical companies have realized that we use our phones probably more often than we use any other device in our everyday life. And what better way to both make money and make people’s lives easier than making the very thing they already use, even more useful, and eliminating carrying extra items around.

Notably not the first, but the most creative of such recent devices is an app and appendix to your iPhone that measures blood sugar. Making the lives of many Type 1 and 2 diabetics much more flexible (when you leave your house, you are bound to forget your phone less often than your blood sugar monitor). 

More and more biotech companies are realizing that they too, in the future, are going to have to be mobile. Some may fear a loss of market, but what they don’t realize is that the evolution of products is on its way, with or without their participation.

Many have been reluctant to approve and even conceive such possibility due to fear of too little medical literacy among the potential users. But that is exactly what was said about home pregnancy tests, and no birthing and health care apocalypse was witnessed upon its introduction to the market. And though the fear is very legitimate as health is something we don't want people to experiment with, most people are, believe it or not, capable of understanding medical information. 
Sometimes those with chronic diseases are even more informed than their caregivers given that they live with their conditions 24/7 while they only spend a small fraction of that time being in professional care. If we inform, clearly and thoughtfully, information and user will unite. 

So, I predict in the next 10 and 20 years, (IF apps and iPhones are still around and the way to make these viable); you will be poking yourself with your phone. Here are three small examples. 

5-10 Years

Ovulation and Pregnancy measurement

An extra small little device which you pee on, analysing hCG values and determining if you are pregnant or not as well as monitoring hCG levels throughout the first 12 weeks. 

Another device, but same app can track ovulation hormones.

Measure your vitamins! 

Just a prick and the results are in! What are you lacking, what are you in abundance of. A lot of the times fatigue and bad immunity can just be a result of lack of D-vitamin or one of his close friends responsible for many of the building blocks of your DNA and function.

10-20 yEARS

Knowing when you are going to die is never scientifically viable, but knowing how your cells are living and dying might be worth monitoring. Measuring telomere length is no walk in the park, and in the end it can only tell us so much. But wouldn’t you like to know what your longevity may look like? If there is some form of stress and beginning of perhaps something worse to come in your body? And wouldn’t you want to know if you are lengthening or shortening it with your lifestyle? Hopefully in the future you will. 



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